Welcome to the Cannabidiet

Welcome: The Cannabidiet was created by the CBD Source Podcast To bring cannabidiol into your life through food and drinks. We strive to educate and inform you of the personal benefits you may experience. Our Chef has over 12 years experience and has created dishes for celebrities, and upscale restaurants. We are happy you are here and can't wait to show you just how amazing this adventure you are about to take can be.

Our Awesome Chef

Chef Ryan Webber has over 12 years in the culinary field, from Italian Cuisine to French and Greek to Traditional American. He worked for many big names in the industry and has became passionate about Cannabis and Hemp including CBD and CBG. He is an advocate for the wellness the plant may bring. The dishes that are made from Chef Ryan Webber start by his critical thinking as to what will work and what will not, and how to dose each meal and how to serve every plate with the full potential of the amazing plant.


Anyone can infused their foods but not everyone knows the science and the correct way to do so. With The Cannabidiet and Chef Ryan Webber you will learn tips and tricks as to how you can open your own kitchen and wellness into a whole new world.

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